We live in an age where information is its most accessible yet it appears from most polls from reputable organizations like Barna and The Pew Research indicate otherwise.  More and more professing Evangelicals are embracing the moral revolution that makes the Bible a waxed nose.  Over 88% of African-Americans voted for Presidential candidate who explicitly redefine marriage and give legal sanction to the murder of the baby in the womb.

Equally frustrating, at least to me, is Caucasian Evangelicals voted 88% in favor of a candidate, who qualities were attributed to say, Hillary Clinton, would have been vilified and opposed with all the vitotrol possible.

We have to do better, all around.  I want to do my small part speaking into various situations from a solid Christian worldview.  If I am able to help even one person that this ministry will not be in vain.

I look forward to vigorous dialogue that never attacks the individual but without compromise engages in a frank but respectful dialogue.  Who knows, you or I may learn something along the way.

To God be the Glory,

Ricky Kyles