Evangelicals & Compatibility

Can two walk together, except they be agreed? Amos 3:3

Effectively immediately, I will no longer publish from this blog site. Please be on the lookout for my blogs at my new location. I will be posting all future blogs from my personal website: thinkingcriticallyfromanevangelicalworldview.com My abrupt departure is because WordPress has refused to promote one of my recent blogs: Evangelicals & Marriage. WordPress’s decision is well within their right, as is my right not to associate with an organization that refuse to share and at least gives space to my worldview. I understand marriage is a hotly contested topic, and not everyone shares my Evangelical perspective regarding the proper mode of marriage. I submit that healthy dialogue is the best way to live peaceably in a mature society. Censorship is never the appropriate response to managing controversial matters. I only see this as a mere bump in the road. As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I plan to transition to a full-time Evangelical blogger and YouTube influencer, Lord willing. I ask your prayer that God may provide me an open the door to speak His Truth into the public square. I will unashamedly ask you to share my future blogs and YouTube videos with your sphere of influence with one singular goal in mind: to make much the name of Jesus Christ.

With fear & trembling,

Ricky Kyles DEd.Min

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