Evangelicals & Gender


Articles affirming transexual athletes (see article attached) defending their decisions to compete in sports in the sex not assigned to them at birth are what happens when you endorse a worldview that explicitly rejects God’s creative decree.

It is astonishing one political party, and only one political endorsed that mockery. You know if you are a regular reader of my blog that I am referring to the Democratic Party. As Voddie Beachum so astutely says, “I am the mailman. I just deliver the News.”

A small number of humans, throughout human history, have struggled with Gender Dysphoria. The data has consistently shown more than 75-80% of adolescents outgrow their dysphoria on their own.

Gender Dsyphoria is a term that describes a sense of unease that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity. This sense of unease or dissatisfaction may be so intense it can lead to depression and anxiety and have a harmful impact on daily life.

Because of the Fall, no human being is born, not contaminated with a sin nature. This is precisely why the Bible demands we become Born-again (John 3).

The individuals struggling with gender dysphoria have the same innate struggle we all share in our human life experiences. If we seek to follow after Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ reveals we have to deny ourselves and pick up our cross and then follow after Him.

Thus, we must surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. That necessarily means He is the Potter, and we are His Clay. In summary, God retains the sole authority to define our entire human existence without exception. Some are born poor; others are born into wealth. Some are born of one ethnicity while another is born of a different ethnicity. Some are born with musical talents, others with with outsized intellectual capacities.

Similiary, without exception, some are born male and some are born female. There is only Gender Binary. Frankly, up until twenty-five years ago or so there was not any real Gender controversy. Most people understood life to grant two gender options at birth: male or female.

We can no more authentically determine our Gender than we can determine our ethnicity, our eye color, our height, and a whole slew of other insoluble biological attributes.

The Bible speaks authoritatively when it thunders from the very Mouth of God, “Male and Female He created them” (Genesis 5:4).

Since I do not regard the swimmer in question as an authentic female, I will refrain from employing his preferred name. Sorry, I mean no disrespect, but I am not participating in this mockery.

I now must navigate the Corporate land mines at work because my company fully embraces the sexual revolution. I cannot and will not, even if it means eventual dismissal.

I hasten to elaborate on the fact only the Democratic Party endorses this God-hating ideology. This is not one of the theological tenets that Evangelicals can agree to disagree.

I continue to be more and more flummoxed as to how far most professing AA Evangelicals will go in their flagrant disregard for the things of God.

Even after then-presidential candidate Joseph Biden stated for all the world to hear that under his administration, someone as young as six-years-old could declare themselves opposite the gender assigned to them at birth. Professing AA Evangelicals still cast their lots with him, all without even blushing (see Jeremiah 6:15).

Say whatever you want about the atrocious public temperament of Donald Trump but if faced with a socially repugnant Donald Trump and an explicit, active, and open rebellion to the Word of God, then the choice becomes quite simple to me.

Either I can stomach the candidacy of a Donald J. Trump, or I seek to find an acceptable third-party candidate, or as a last resort, I refrain from voting in the presidential race altogether.

Yet, the one thing I must not do is to align myself with the candidacy of someone with the ideological worldview of anyone like Joseph Biden, period, full-stop, and end of story.

I must not if I take my relationship with Jesus Christ as a matter of first principle importance. But if my relationship with Jesus Christ is only nominal or cultural, then the discontinuity is considered normal and within the pale of orthodoxy and no big deal, right?

Jesus Christ is understood as nothing more than a cultural deity who only exists to love us and give us moral suggestions which can never bind the conscience. Jesus Christ is viewed as One of the Boys. He is not uptight Ricky so quit being such a Fundamentalist and seeking to rain upon everything parade with your moral crusade and spiritual high-handedness.

Sadly, some would read the preceding paragraph and never grasp the intended sarcasm. Yet their living is directly applicable to my hypothetical depiction of the God not of the Bible.

Yet that is what we see whenever one’s faith is considered carnal or worldly. Evangelicals take seriously what God reveals in His Holy Word.

If God explicitly forbids or condemns something, His followers understand they are bound to forbid or condemn said action. It would be wholly unthinkable for Christ-followers to vote politically for the very action that God explicitly rejects.

Conversely, if God ordains or endorses a particular action, then His professed disciples (a disciple is nothing more than a follower) are duty-bound to positively affirm said action and defend it most vigorously from all opponents, inside or outside the wire. Yet with particular emphasis and energy against those inside the wire.

Yet, what do you see, primarily in the professing AA Evangelical community in particular and all Evangelicals in general? Displays of useless orthodoxy and grievously flawed orthopraxy. For those not aware,but orthodoxy displays or possesses the correct doctrine or knowledge while orthopraxy is displaying or committing the right actions.

So it matters not what the swimmer under consideration believes or does not believe. Someone has wisely said “sincerity” matters not at all in the quest for truth.

One could be sincere and yet still be sincerely wrong. The swimmer is sincerely wrong, no matter how convinced “he” might be.

The professing Evangelical, no matter how sincere they are in their compassion and naive desire to show love and tolerance, is wrong because their very Creator has spoken, and He has not been coy or vague in His feelings about the matter.

God and God alone determine the gender of all life that is brought forth. Yes, there is a rare occurrence of intersex births, and pastorally the Church must extend much Grace to those affected individuals, but I caution to inform the audience the occurrence of intersex births are a very, very rare occurrence.

Intersex births are not what President Biden was defending during that second presidential debate. No, he was advocating a full-out frontal assault against God’s creative decree.

No right-thinking Evangelical aligns themselves with people or entities that openly rebel against God’s explicit prohibitions.

My only vexing question is why do so many professing AA Evangelicals continue to support the Party of Death, a term I employ figuratively as well as literally.

As always, let me know what you think. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and serve for an Audience of One.

With fear & trembling,
Ricky Verndale Kyles Sr. DEd.Min

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