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Today in America, if you wish to be “inclusive” and if you are concerned with “the marginalized,” you will do well not to defend the conventional generative family containing a biological male and female who together go to a traditional Christian church on Sunday morning. That family is “hetero-normative,” and that church is “homophobic.”

The passage above is taken from Robert Woodson’s book Red, White and Black: Rescuing America History from Revisionist and Race Hustlers.”

Well, go ahead then. Color me “homophobic” and “hetero-normative” all you want. I am just a simple country boy from Mississippi, so I desire to keep things simple.

I believe an Eternal Being created everything. While profound and inscrutable, the concept is still pretty basic when you really ponder it. If there ever were a time nothing truly existed, then how is there now something? Even a product of the public school system like myself can grasp this truism. The logic is irrefutable. Plain as nothing from nothing equals nothing.

Since I am a created being, I understand, in the final analysis, that I do not possess creaturely autonomy. I am the clay, and hence there must be a Potter who alone possesses real Being, Power, and Authority to rule as He sees fit, answering to no one and no thing!

The Potter (God) has not left His creation non-informed. It was God who instituted the family. A family is a Man and Woman, and in most cases, but not all, children result from their marital union. Same-sex marriage is illogical, and lived out to its logical conclusion would spell the extinction of the human race.

Thus, the first couple were Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve or Eve and Adrienne. There can be NO deviation from this construct. Marriage is not a human construct. Marriage is a divine institution with insoluble parameters.

So, what the secular world classifies as homophobic is, in fact, nothing other than biblical truth. I will stand on God’s declared truth all-day, errday, and twice on Sundays. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I solemnly understand there is no room for compromise as this is a first-order Evangelical tenet.

So go ahead & get mad at me all you want. I am just the Postman delivering today’s mail. I have homosexuals in my family, and even if one of my children were to classify as being gay, my theology would not change one iota.

My entire identity is hidden in Christ, so I am for whatever He is for, and I am against whatever He is against.

Censure me: I will find another platform
Cancel me: God will raise up another who will not bow the knee
Mock me: watch me laugh hilariously cause I am not a shrinking violet

Evangelicalism is not concerned about being inclusive. We are not focused on being exclusive, but God has established conditions for being part of the tribe.

If any man desires to follow after Jesus Christ, then he must first deny himself and pick up his cross.

I seem to remember reading that somewhere I believe has many other precious truths; if only we would take heed.

Robert Woodson’s book is his rebuttal to Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Pulitzer Prize New York Times endorsed work on her 1619 project.

Hannah-Jones’ thesis is America is irreparably racist, and America’s founding was grounded in the institution of slavery. Slavery, not taxation or religious liberty, was the primary focus of the Founding Fathers.

Sadly, more and more professing Evangelicals are embracing this Leftist, Woke Ideology. Slavery was and still remains an ugly deplorable stain on our history. I truly believe there will be a stern judgment for those who lived during this era.

Hence Hannah-Jones falsely argues America’s founding date is 1619, not 1776, as our Nation has celebrated and understood.

I believe too many give a pass with the lame excuse that the men and women of our country’s founding lived in accordance with the conventions of their day!

So, two things can be true. Slavery can be wrong, and Hannah-Jones can be wrong. Evangelicals are not forced to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

I vehemently reject excusing the conduct of slave owners because that was the understanding of the times as an acceptable answer. The Gospel transcends cultural conventions! Jesus Christ transcended cultural conventions.

America is flawed. It always was, and it always will be. All human enterprises are so nothing Earth-shattering with that statement. Yet to use a thought from one of the contributors to Woodson’s book if America has racism in her DNA then that would necessarily entail a terminal condition, with no hope of redemption.

No hope of redemption is antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As long as there remains time and space, there remains the opportunity for redemption and boy! Should we thank God for that!

This is why Evangelicals must reject Hannah-Jones’ ideology. It is hostile to the Gospel because it gets both the ailment and the remedy wrong.

Hannah-Jones’ vexing ailment is racism and her solution is reparations.

The Gospel indicates the vexing ailment is sin, and the solution is redemption through the mediatorial work of Jesus Christ .

As always, let me know what you think. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.

With fear and trembling,

Ricky Kyles Sr. DEd.Min

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