Evangelicals & Reality

The perfect definition of insanity is to do the same thing but somehow wondrously expecting different results.

The narrative from the Left centers on the premise the chief source of AA pathology is systemic racism and police brutality, while the data does not validate that claim.

The data illustrates the chief source of AA pathology is the lack of AA fathers in the home; until the 1960s, AAs homes had the highest percentage of two parents in the home.

Please keep in mind this accomplishment was providentially achieved under the most oppressive Jim Crow conditions imagineable. I say again during the most oppressive Jim Crow conditions AA homes had more fathers than their Caucasian counterparts.

The narrative from the Left centers on the premise the chief source of AA pathology is systemic racism and police brutality, while the data does not validate that claim.

The data illustrates the chief source of AA pathology is the lack of AA fathers in the home; until the 1960s, AAs homes had the highest percentage of two parents households in America using U.S. data.

The Daniel Patrick Moynihan Report warned if the increase rise of one-parent AA households was not immediately addressed we (Americans) would begin to see a crushing negative impact on the quality of life for AAs, specifically, and Americans in general.

It was not until the 1960s that the negative inversion occurred. So, the astute observer’s first question would be, “what social conditions coincided with the negative trajectory?”

Even as many critics lambasted Moynihan and accused him of racism Moynihan has since been vindicated because now the data reveals as high as 77% of AA homes with no father present, depending upon which polls you trust. But, bottom line is no matter what polls you trust all the polls will reveal the pathology of AA doubles and in cases triples that of their Caucasian counterparts.

What sober thinking person attributes an AA resorting to crime or dropping out of school to racism? Why have we imbibed in our ideology that robs humans of self-determination.

History is replete with people raising above their circumstance and I am especially bewildered when professing Evangelicals assume the hopeless, powerful victim role. What happened to the Biblical understanding Evangelicals are more than conquerors so explicitly communicated in God’s Holy Writ?

What sober thinking person attributes a male fathering a child but not actively residing with the mother to raise that child in the traditional natural family on racism?

What about the vast majority of AAs who experience racism or a whole array of other “isms” yet never resorts to crime and still persevere educationally? Again, the data reveals those who subscribe to three basic tenets, aka The Success Sequence, live comfortably in the middle class.

1) wait until marriage to have children

2) avoid involvement with the police

3) obtain a high school diploma

The three tenets are not monstrous to achieve. Actually, truth be told, it is a pretty low threshold. A threshold many of all ethnicities easily achieve yet all one hears from the rabid Left are ubiquitous cries of systemic racism, systemic racism, systemic racism.

I reached the Middle Class, not because I was lucky as many of my dissenters foolishly attempt to postulate as the cause. No, at the end of the day, it was because of my personal agency, humanely speaking that is, as ultimately all of my fortunes are granted graciously by God Almighty. Now, I hasten to add this is not an attempt to gloat or brag. In fact, I freely confess all throughout my adolescent I made numerous mistakes, pretty typical of most human beings but I was blessed to be reared in a home with an involved, loving mother and father. I am proud product of the Success Sequence.

Personal agency posits the chief action that determines a person’s lot in life to personal action. Of course, other factors come into play. No one disputes this truth but there is no greater factor that determines one lot in life than one’s own personal agency.

Consequently, no one but Ricky Verndale Kyles Sr. has the largest influence on Ricky’s soci-economic status than Ricky Verndale Kyles Sr. yet the Left has AAs convinced the government is the solution to their societal ills.

Back to the 1960s, we note the action that coincided with the negative AA pathology was LBJ’s “Great Society!”

The introduction of the Welfare State was born and sadly the AA community has bought what LBJ and the Democratic Party were selling.

I invite you to do two things:

1) Read my next blog article that will cover the topic more in depth
2) Purchase a copy of Robert Woodson’s book that is attached

Sadly, I know the VAST MAJORITY of AAs will not. They are die-hard adherents of all things Democratic. Just yesterday I was told by someone they are “staunch Democrats.” Another proudly declared there were a “Liberal!” I shared Woodson’s book with a couple of my Liberal-minded close friends. I was immediately and derisively dismissed out of hand. Not even an attempt to pause, contemplate and reassess. Just flat out dismissal so the data be damned. Don’t confuse me with the facts, I will just reiterate the Democratic mantra seems to be the default response from most from the Left.

Just in passing I will devote a future blog post about Conservatism and Liberalism as it is clear most have no real meaningful understanding of the terms. Frankly, all right thinking people posit tenets from both ideologies. What distinguishes a true Conservative from a Liberal is how much emphasis one gives to either ideologies.

For example, a Conservative readily understands some aspect of life calls for liberation but in the main the Conservative understands the essential nature of life calls for conservation of traditional tenets that promote human flourishing. The person identifying as a Liberal posits just the opposite. They believe the majority of tenets that the majority of society had previously held as essential tenets that promote human flourishing are now in need of liberation.

My query to my AA brethren is “What has undying allegiance with the Democratic Party gotten the AA Community?”

We have the highest crime rate!
We have the highest drop out rate!
We have the highest abortion rate!
We have the highest victimization and culprit murder rate!

Yet, AAs continue to align with Democratic Party yet life for the AA continues to spiral downward in all important life indicators of success or progress.

If this alignment with the Democratic Party and their Liberal ideology is not the quintessential definition of insanity I do not know what is!

I will have more to say in a follow-on piece but until then, let me know what you think.

Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.

With fear and trembling,

Ricky Kyles Sr. DEd.Min

  1. Thank you, Ricky, for sharing the facts about what, sadly, has happened to the AA community–and especially why. I especially appreciate your voice as an AA who has bucked the trend in American society.


    • Sadly, AAs, like many other professing Evangelicals do not have Jesus Christ as their chief identity marker.

      If they did they would spend less time addressing temporal matters.

      That is NEVER to say temporal matters are not important.

      They are and they should and must be addressed but we do so only as a mean to advance the Gospel and we ensure the Gospel is the remedy to whatever ails the human soul.

      Liked by 1 person

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