Evangelicals & Flawed Celebration

Unlike the vast, almost universal celebration of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination, I cannot and will not join the masses in unabased celebration.

For to do so will place me in open rebellion against my creator. I owe all of my allegiances to Him. Justice Brown’s refusal to distinguish what constitutes womanhood alone informs me all I need to know and how she will govern her role as a Justice who now serves for life.

It is very sad that many of the Facebook posts I see from AAs do not jive with their alleged fidelity to Jesus Christ, as He most certainly can define what constitutes womanhood. You best believe Jesus Christ believes it matters.

It is appalling that over sixty-three million lives, created in the Imago Dei of God, have been slaughtered, all with legal sanction because of a grievously morally flawed ruling by the SCOTUS.

Given her judicial philosophy, Justice Brown clearly would align with the other liberal sitting Justices.

It is alarming how people who profess faith in Jesus Christ find no cognitive dissonance in aligning with worldviews that are openly hostile to the Word of God.

Yesterday was not a day to celebrate because I most assuredly declare there was no celebration in heaven on yesterday.

I blocked a fellow AA yesterday because he took to social media and vilified Senator Tim Scott for his opposition to Judge Brown’s nomination. Feel free to block me, but my conscience is held captive to the Word of God, for it is not safe to act against one’s conscience.

There is so much darkness emanating from the professing Church. There is an enormous disconnect between orthodoxy (right beliefs) and orthopraxy (right actions).

I am an Evangelical, and I know doctrine matters. I know theology matters. I know that life matters. I know that marriage matters. I know that gender matters. I know that truth matters. I know that there is a heaven, and there is a hell.

I know all of these things because God has declared them to be so. It is appalling to see so many posts from people who claim fidelity to Jesus Christ yet do not possess the capacity even to blush as they act in a manner wholly antithetical to the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Yesterday was a very dark day in American history.

I pray the three Republican Senators (Mitt Romney [he only reinforces why I refused to vote for him when he ran for POTUS], Susan Collins & Lisa Murkowski are defeated soundly when and if they run for reelection.

Below is a paragraph taken from Lifenews.com article titled, “Senate Confirms Leftist Ketanji Brown Jackson for Supreme Court, 3 Republicans Vote With Democrats.”

Senator Tim Scott announced why he is voting against Ketanji Brown Jackson: “The historic nature of Judge Jackson’s nomination reinforces the progress our country has made. However, ideology must be the determining factor—not identity.”


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