Evangelicals & Intellectual Honesty

Were they ashamed when they committed abomination? No, they were not at all ashamed; they did not know how to blush. Therefore they shall fall among those who fall; at the time that I punish them, they shall be overthrown,” says the LORD. (Jeremiah 6:15)

What world are we living in? It is beginning to feel like someone has trapped me in one of those Rod Steiger Twilight Zone creations.

Even though it should be evident to any sane person, an otherwise presumed intelligent and highly educated legal professional has refused to answer a question every little girl and boy from the first grade could answer.

Supreme Court nominee Kentanji Jackson’s refusal to answer a question put forth to her to define what a woman was, and the subsequent defense from the Left is so typical of the sickening partisanship in America. I admit the Right is just as guilty, which is why my continual premise is a pox on both of their heads: Democrats and Republicans alike.

Frankly, I refuse to play the game. I know what a male is and what a female is in any context. I know what both are because it is readily apparent. More importantly, as a follower of Jesus Christ, I know that there are only two genders from His own lips (see Matthew 19:4), and He has the sovereign right to determine the gender identity of “everyone” He creates. In fact, up until a few years ago, there was no controversy whatsoever.

If a person were brought back from a previous generation and made aware of what is being debated about gender, they would be flabbergasted. Yet, here we are in the year 2022, and shockingly the cultural elites expect us to accept we now no longer know what constitutes femaleness and maleness. Sorry, but you can miss me with this lunacy. How dare you expect, and increasingly from many, demand, I imbibe in this moral insanity and active rebellion against the Creator.

As is all too frequently the case these days, there is a fine distinction between the ideologies of the Democratic and the Republican Party. One fully embraces this act of cosmic rebellion, yet many professing Evangelicals, especially African Americans, continue to drink from the Democratic Party well, and they do so without even the ability to blush (see Jeremiah 6:15).

How any Evangelical, who is serious about their faith, can with a straight face align themselves with the Democratic Party, as presently constituted, is beyond human comprehension, well, at least with this human.

I may be nothing more than a simple country from good ole Mississippi, but this simple country boy, who although did not matriculate at such esteemed places of higher learning such as Harvard University, can still nonetheless easily define what a woman is all day, errday and twice on Sundays.

As earnest but still flawed followers of Jesus Christ, God the Son commands us to let our yays be yay and our nays be nay. Correspondingly we expect others to do the same. Otherwise, society breaks downs because we would not be able to engage in meaningful interaction. Commerce and everything else necessary to function and experience God’s means of human flourishing would grind to a screeching halt.

This will not end well, my fellow Evangelicals, not for you and not for this nation. When we play this game, we only demonstrate this Earth IS our home for political expediency.

When we act in this unbiblical fashion, we only demonstrate Jesus Christ is not the telos (end),” nor is He is our personal telos. We clearly demonstrate by our willful refusal to yield to His clear declarations regarding the bifuraction of gender He is nothing more than mere window dressing, an add-on to a myriad of other competing things in our life. A pretty important add-on, maybe, for some, but still nothing more than just an add-on.

That sober reality should arrest our attention, but I know, in the main, it will not, but if I can arrest the attention of just one soul, then that is why I write, and it will be more than worth it. Regardless, I understand this is part of God’s call on my life, so irrespective of the results (God’s exclusive domain and concern), I will continue to sound the alarm as long as I have breath and intellectual clarity.

I can think of no greater tragedy than to play church and yet still end in eternal torment when it all comes to an end. I would submit it would be far more rational to adopt the posture of “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die” than to tip your hat to God in this life and yet hear Him say, “depart from Me, I never knew thee” immediately after you take your last breath and step into eternity.

We all know Harvard University-educated Judge Kentanji Jackson knows full well what a woman is in ANY context. Just as every human being born and alive on Planet Earth knows full well, there is a God (Romans 1:18-19). Oh, we can and do suppress this knowledge, just as Judge Jackson did this week, but we all know the real deal, and we all know one day we will stand before the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and each of us will one day stand (very soon) all give an account before His all-knowing, burning glaze.

It is just so sad that so many who profess to walk in fidelity with Jesus Christ are imbibing in this moral insanity. I cannot and will not celebrate the likely successful appointment of Judge Kentanji Brown to the United States Supreme Court. In many ways, just like the eventual presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, I wish I could celebrate this historical accomplishment; an event like this means for the ascendency of African Americans into every component of the American experiment, but I cannot because my conscience is held captive to the Word of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 10:5).

I have (as should YOU) as my first priority seeking God’s transformation of renewing my mind. Failure to align myself to God’s clear and unmistakable gender classification would be a first-order betrayal of fidelity to my potentate, the Lord Jesus Christ.

As always, let me know what you think. Until then, keep your hands to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One.

With fear and trembling,

Ricky Kyles, DEdMin

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