Evangelicals & Intergrity

United States Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, explicitly stated to the American people that impeachment proceeding would not take place unless there was clear bi-partisan support in Congress and American public overwhelming declared their support. That apparently was true then, until it was not. The initial votes and declarations of voting indications are strictly along party lines. As a quick aside, this same Nancy Pelosi ironically felt it necessary to posit to the American people her religion teaches her to “not hate” anyone as she declares her intent to have President Trump removed from office. It appears Ms. Pelosi, who is Roman Catholic, has a very elastic view of her church’s doctrine. The very church (Roman Catholicism) to which she pledges fidelity is adamantly against abortion, yet the Speaker has no issue with advocating the most liberal policy concerning abortion. It would appear Miss Pelosi advocates a “buffet” approach to religion. She believes she has the freedom to “pick and choose” what she eats off the menu. Evangelicals understand that NOT to be the case. Truth is always OBJECTIVE, never SUBJECTIVE. I was in Jamaica this past weekend and happened to return from running my half marathon (yay for me) to watch one of the Sunday morning political showsas I changed and showered. I am usually in church on a regular Sunday, so I don’t have the opportunity to view these programs. I cannot remember the names of the major participants, but it was an ABC program and the female host was interviewing a prominent Democrat concerning the President Trump impeachment proceeding. The female host brilliantly inquired of the Democrat how he could state Congress was out of bounds for its impeachment of then President William Jefferson Clinton because of the partisan politics associated with that pursuit yet be in favor of the current Congress’s attempt to impeach President Trump. There is no Republican member of the House of Representatives who is indicating they will vote to indict the president; hence the House of Representative will pass the measure with exclusive Democratic support. I feel it imperative to state, as I have repeatedly in the past, I am a committed Evangelical who DID NOT vote for President Trump. I remind all again I do not believe any faithful Evangelical, can in good conscience, vote for ANY Democratic Presidential candidate as the Democratic Party is presently constituted. I want to make it abundantly clear I carry no water for President Trump. I understand my Evangelical responsibility is to pray for President Trump and seek God’s very best for him. That is where I draw the line concerning my Evangelical ethic concerning President Trump. But, back to the issue: Since there is only one professing atheist serving in Congress, I can comfortably regard the Democratic individual who was on that Sunday to be a professing believer of some Christian faith. It is known publicly that Nancy Pelosi is a confessed Roman Catholic. Evangelicals are rightfully expected to be genuine in their public declarations. Evangelicals are to let their nays be nays and their yays be yays. Evangelical are to be known as people who mean what they say and say what they mean. In this day and age of double speak and gross hypocrisy it should never be named among the people of God. It is important to note at this junction there is no expectation of moral perfection but there needs to be a fundamental and clearly delineating difference between the actions of Evangelical from non-Evangelicals. As Pastor John MacArthur wisely says, “It is not the perfection of our lives, it is the direction of our lives.” When we speak about life changing issues our convictions should be clear and without duplicity. Evangelicals are not hedging our bets. Evangelicals do not speak in vague generalities. Evangelicals do not become spin masters where the audience never knows where we stand on the issue. Evangelicals are known as people when we say something of profound significance the receiver of our declaration believes “that can take it to the bank.” Evangelicals do not attempt to see first the direction of the wind before taking a position. We take our marching orders from the Word of God and realize we are ready to accept whatever consequence arise because of our conviction. Evangelicals reject pragmatistic in all shapes, forms and fashions. Evangelicals care nothing about the results, we are only concerned with truth. Results are left to the secret counsel of God. His ways are not our ways. Evangelicals eagerly embrace taking the road less travelled, not because we are a glutton for punishment. Evangelicals do so because the Third Person of the Triune God indwells us and has taken away our hearts of stones and given us a heart of flesh. Again, Evangelicals will stumble along with the way but the consistent trajectory of our lives in union with Christ with be enabled as the Apostle Paul says in the Book of Roman from “grace to grace.” Evangelical understand we will labor in this ole weary, warring flesh until death or return of our great Potentate, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Evangelicals understand what is at stake in our speech. We represent our sovereign King and we earnestly seek to hear Him great us with two simple but eternal altering changing words, “Well Done.” That is what motivates to get out of bed each and every morning. I am simply a pilgrim passing through this place, seeking a home made without hands. I readily acknowledge I am the chief of all sinners yet at the same time I am being transformed day-by-day in the very likeness of God’s very own beloved only Begotten Son. My fellow Evangelicals let us not grow weary in well-doing. For if we faint not, we shall reap a mighty reward. Evangelicals seek to do so not to primarily inherit the reward, we do so as an overflow of gratitude for what Jesus Christ wrought on our behalf when He went to Calvary Cross and died. True, authentic, flesh and blood Evangelicals are so, so, so very thankful that He did not stay DEAD. He rose and because He rose, we are able to rise to newness of life where our speech is seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Let me know what you think. How is going transforming your life? I am excited about the direction of my life. Though I will never reach perfection in time and space. One day I will no longer see dimly through a glass, I shall see Him face-to-face and be made whole. No sin will taint my new body and there will be no sin in the new heaven and the new Earth. Until that time please your hand to the plow and seek to serve for an Audience of One!

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