Evangelicals & Judicial Activism

Well, first it is good to be back after a couple of weeks off visiting family and friends in the grand ole city of Chicago, Illinois. As always there is plenty of things happening that should be of interest to Evangelicals.

Since I have been away an interesting case arose in England. A British court ordered an abortion for a mentally disabled woman against her, and her mother’s wishes. Let me state again in case it did not register the first time. A British judge ordered the termination of a human life 22 weeks old growing in a mentally disabled woman against her, and her mother’s wishes.

This story is tragic on multiple levels: the mental disability of the young lady in question, her mother’s single parenthood , the murky questions behind the young lady’s impregnation, and the state’s attempt to interfere with her reproductive and parental rights.

It is clear we live in a fallen world, there is no escaping that reality but we are still expected to aspire to the greatest level of “human flourishing” that is within our power to attain. Doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath, lawyers are still expected to zealously defend accused offenders, men are still expected to valiantly embrace a “woman & children first” mentality when danger arises. All of this and more is expected and practiced on a daily basis, even as we fully live in a fallen and depraved world.

One of the ubiquitous refrains of pro-choice adherents is, “no one is forcing anyone to get an abortion.” Well, I guess that was then but is now a claim that is no longer true. Now of this should come as any surprise. The moral revolution will never be satisfied with the status quo. They will only demand more and more. Evangelicals are only being naive if we believe more and more of our religious liberties will not be chipped away piece by piece.

First, it was civil unions so it would allow for things like insurance coverage and other legal implications but it should have been readily apparent it was never going to stop there. Now, we have a full redefinition of marriage, within one generation.

First, it was the legalization of abortion but Evangelicals were promised the American Taxpayer would NEVER be expected to publicly finance abortions. Yet, we have every major Democratic Presidential candidate for the 2020 election calling for the repeal of the Hyde Amendment which prohibits the Federal Government from using taxpayer money to pay for abortions.

Again, so much for no one forcing people of faith, be they Evangelical or people of other faiths, to violate their conscience in the facilitation of the act of abortion, implicitly or explicitly. Whether implicit or explicit the involvement of “people of faith” in the enterprise of abortion is morally reprehensible and I know I speak for many Evangelicals when I state in the strongest terms possible “we want NO part” in this morally deplorable act.

Yet, we have a judge in Britain declare it was her judicial wisdom it was in the best interest of the women to order the state-sanctioned termination of the life of a child. Granted, a mentally impaired young lady raising a child is problematic but that is why it must be noted the mother of the young lady in question has committed to “raising” the child. I concede these are not easy issue to manage but we have a primary obligation to ensure “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” is granted to every human because that is what the Founders regarded as an inalienable right.

Legitimate questions can be raised behind the societal dynamics at work here in this sordid story. The maternal ability of the mother of the mentally retarded child, the circumstances behind how the mentally impaired young lady became pregnant, the ability of the mother to continue having parental oversight over the mentally impaired daughter and her “granddaughter” are legitimate issues that need to be vetted.

Yet, one thing should and must remain crystal clear: every life is precious and a gift from God. Every life is created in the image of God. Only God has the right to give and to ultimately take life. If a duly instituted governmental agency reaches the decision the mentally impaired woman or her mother are unfit to raise the child in question there are other options available like foster care or adoption. I readily grant these can be less than ideals solutions but they easily beat the alternative.

I am happy to close with some good news: The appeals court of judges in the United Kingdom has at least temporarily reversed the lower court’s ruling concerning the coerced abortion for the woman identified as being mentally challenged.

Yet, we must know the battle will continue. We live in a world that is hostile to the things of God. This world system will continue to kill, steal and destroy. Only the most naive and uniformed posit any hope for man to raise above his station in life. The only hope for mankind is the acknowledgment of our rebellion against a holy God and to cling to His Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Someone commented regarding a recent post “this seemed to be the only thing I am concerned about.” I assure that is NOT the case. Ultimately, the issue is not abortion, or marriage or any temporal issues. These are only the symptom of a much larger problem. The problem is, in fact, a disease, a spiritual disease, for sure but a disease nonetheless.

The only elixir for that disease is the ‘blood” of the Lamb of the world who can take away all of your sins. I commend Him to you today.

Please let me know what you think by dropping me a line. Until then keep your hand to the plow and seek to serve for Audience of One!

  1. We (Diane FAR more than I) were involved in the pro life arena for many years. In the early years the pro abortion folks argued a baby wasn’t really “life.” Sonograms totally changed the conversation. Mothers who see their child on a sonogram are 90% more likely to carry to term as seeing the baby and watching him or her move forever ended the “life” question. If you note, several years ago the pro abortion crowd stopped talking about whether or not the baby is alive and now totally focus on a women’s “right” to choose. They posit “quality of life” as a, or the, determining factor in continuing or ending a pregnancy…and we’ve already seen quality of life extended to health care with hospitals and medical professionals proclaiming themselves the judges relative to giving or withholding medical care. Our society has moved from an unambiguous everyone has a right to life to one where qualifiers are added. A woman has the “right” to decide if her life will be “inconvenienced” by a child. Medical care is predicated on our future quality of life OR whether or not the cost is justified by the value we add to society. Will we/are we a “burden” on society? And on it goes…


    • Well stated. If you follow the logic to its logical conclusion no point along the continuum is sacred.

      I am going to delve into the topic of birth control next. I believe if a person is to be consistent throughout the birth control pill is not God’s best.

      If children are blessings/heritage from God (and they are) and sex is morally confided only to couple in a marital covenant why would BC EVER be necessary.

      We would joyfully except all blessings from God, wouldn’t we?

      Well, that is my story and I am sticking to it😘


  2. I hardily agree that all human life is sacred and created by God and no one other than God has the right to end a babies life. I volunteer at a local pro-life ministry and I find that most people seeking abortion do so simply so they will not be inconvenienced by having a baby. The only Choice that I believe in is the choice one should make before engaging in sexual activity within the confines of marriage. Once a young lady discovers she is pregnant, she has only 3 choices. 1) give live birth to her baby and parent her baby 2) give live birth to her baby and place that baby in a loving home thru adoption or 3) murder her baby thru abortion. I was once invited to join a speaking team that would go into middle and high schools thru-out Comal County to give a presentation to the students called “Worth the Wait”.
    This was an abstinence based presentation where we told truth to high school students about what they will be facing in life should they decide to have premarital sexual relations that result in pregnancy. Once we were trained, the only “rule” was that we could not bring up or teach the students what they needed most. God. This was an opportunity to make a difference for these students but it was in the public schools and they didn’t allow us to talk about God or the Bible……..unless a student brought up the subject. Often, a student would raise their hand and ask a question about scripture or about God.
    Thanks for the post .

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    • 1) Thank you for your volunteer service in the cause of life. I had the privilege to serving at a crisis center when I was stationed at the Pentagon.
      2) While most see advancement like birth control as positive I believe it precipitated the moral decay our culture has experienced. In fact, that will be the next topic I tackle. That and no fault divorce have been the catalyst for the sea change we have witnessed within one generation. Interesting fact is the governor who signed the first legislation permitting “no-fault” divorce was Governor Ronald Reagan.


  3. Thanks for writing about this. I hadn’t heard that, but I am not surprised about anything that is going on nowadays. The clock is ticking before our Lord comes back. May people come to know the best part of life, Jesus!!! Take care, Sara

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