Evangelicals & Pragmatism

Something is true until it is no longer practical . This worldview is a direct affront to the long held understanding amongst many people, not just Evangelicals there was something called “Absolute Truth.”

Come “Hell or high water” if we really believed something was true we were willing to suffer the consequences, whatever they maybe.

That is what the early Apostles believed concerning the need to preach the Gospel. “Do whatever seems right to you but preach we will not stop preaching the Gospel,” they responded to the authorities.

My parents said the government could say whatever they wanted about corporal punishment but they were NOT going to spare the rod. Why? Because they were a couple of “meanies?” Of course not, they were convinced the Bible taught doing so would spoil the child.

Joe Biden announced today he could no longer accept the Hyde Amendment. For those who might not be unaware this amendment forbid the use of taxpayer money to fund abortions. Shortly after Roe v. Wade became the law of the land Congress, with broad bi-partisan support, passed the Hyde Amendment, named after a Democrat from my beloved state of Illinois.

Very little is passed in Congress with broad bi-partisan support so this act of cohesion in Congress signified both sides of the debate understood the moral conscience of Americans who opposed abortion would not become complicit in the facilitation of the act of abortion.

That was then but this is now. What was once true then is no longer true today. This is a pattern we find in politics from both sides of the aisle.

Bill Clinton was for the traditional understanding of marriage until he wasn’t.

John McCain was pro-choice until he wasn’t

Barack Obama was for traditional marriage until he wasn’t.

Donald Trump was pro-choice until he wasn’t.

Do you begin to see a consistent pattern from both political parties. One could be most charitable and believe these politicians came to their conclusion based on enlightenment or maturation as individuals. That conclusion is possible.

Yet, does one really believe this is why Joe Biden now believes it is proper to compel Americans taxpayers to pay for a medical procedure they believe contradicts their moral conscience.

I believe Joe Biden understands the political landscape and he understands perfectly well he would have zero chance of securing the Democratic nomination for President if he does not fully embrace the moral revolution. He cannot be seen or viewed to the “right” of any of the major Democratic contenders.

Faithful Evangelicals will never cede the moral high ground because they understand their morals are grounded in a moral being who is immutable. That being is the God of the Bible. You know, the One who is the same today, as He was on yesterday and remains for evermore.

God help me if I am proven wrong. The political landscape in the Democratic Party gives me confident that will never be proven to be the case.

What do you think about my conclusion about Joe Biden and he change of view about the Hyde Amendment?

Let me know what you think. Until then keep your hand to the plow and seek to serve for and Audience of One!


  1. Good article,Ricky. It’s so sad to watch all of these Democratic candidates just flutter with the wind and have no convictions to their beliefs and again they are working hard to take God out of everything. Evil is running rampant. May the truth of our Lord resonate through this country and may she turn back to God before it is too late, and may we protect the precious unborn babies. Have a blessed day!!!! Sara

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    • Sara,
      Thanks for the feedback. It is always proper and fitting to hope there will be a “New Awakening” yet I do not hold out a lot of hope.

      The Bible presents an eschatology view where things gets progressively worse, not better as time goes on.

      My chief concern is the true church remains the true church and not capitulate to the cultural.

      Keep your hand to the plow, Sister!


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