God sized task

There are three central questions all humans are confronted with during their lifetime. Maybe they learn to suppress them or avoid them but that are the questions deep thinkers have pondered since time began. The questions are: how did we get here?, what is our purpose while here? and ultimately, where are going when we… Continue Reading

Wading into the deep waters

Much like the Apostle Paul feeling he was “obligated” to preach I have come to the conclusion I am being “obligated” by God to enter into the conversation of Evangelicals and their participation in politics.  I am concerned specifically how Evangelicals are supporting political candidates, especially the office of President of the United States. I… Continue Reading

Will I have any friends after this post?

I have contemplated long and hard about this post.  It is a post that I have wanted to write for a quite a while but I knew it will possibly “offend” some who read it. While a person should never want to be offensive for “offense” sake our culture has done a great job of… Continue Reading

Be Careful Where You Get Your Doctrine?

I have few loves or passions in life.  First and foremost, and without any close equal, is God.  All else looks like hate if my doctrinal understanding is correct.  Next, is family, the bedrock of human civilization.  In close proximity and with a lot of overlap would be friends.   Many of my friends, who… Continue Reading